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Heart Healthy Activities

Sustaining a healthy, full, active and enjoyable life can be made simple by introducing small and regular heart healthy activities into your daily or weekly routine. An exercise routine just doesn't have to be doom and gloom or just another chore, it can be made fun and easy to suite your needs.

Firstly, it is very important, when deciding upon an activity for your exercise routine, that it is something you enjoy and that it fits into your way of life. For example, if you are a far cry from being a morning person then decide to exercise in the evening or afternoon. Several medical associations recommend that an average of 30 minutes three times a week of cardiovascular fitness is ample, for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Cardiovascular fitness can be achieved using exercises such as dynamic, isotonic or aerobic. Work out sessions can be broken down to 10 minute sessions if preferred. The modern day choice of exercise is joining a local gym, which is great as you have advice and support on hand. But there are many other options, as well as joining a local gym.

The first decision to make when deciding on your new fun exercise routine, is deciding whether or not you enjoy working out being surrounded by other people. If you are an individual who enjoys others company then there are many group sports you can get yourself involved in like football, basketball and volleyball. If you are an individual who enjoys their own company whilst exercising, there is bicycling, jogging, swimming, walking and skating. Just to name a few! A positive successful routine should involve exercises which are rhythmic and repetitive. A challenge to the circulatory system itself. When exercising, it is very important that you build up to your activities, start slowly. This can be achieved by stretching for 3-5 minutes to begin. It is also important to ensure, once your routine is complete, you end your routine slowly. Try walking, or something similar. As the heart beats faster it encourages the blood to circulate more quickly, which, in turn, delivers more oxygen to the muscles. Building further strength within the body.

Exercise should improve your health, not put it at risk! It is very important, your routine does not do this. Consult your doctor for advice, towards which is the best type of routine for you. Whilst you exercise, your heart rate will increase. However, you should also be able to talk at the same time! As your routine becomes regular, then you will be able to increase your work out time, as your body adjusts. Aerobic exercise encourages a healthy heart, variations of aerobics are 'Jump Rope', walking, jogging, hiking, swimming and bicycling. All of these activities are heart health activities, just about everyone can enjoy.


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