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Heart Healthy Diet

Curiously, people seem to become far more motivated, to follow a healthy diet, when it comes to getting into a slinky designer dress for a party. Than they seem to be concerned with promoting cardiovascular health.

A heart healthy diet should be way at the top of everyone's 'important things to do list'! Heart disease is one of the top causes of death, amongst females. Surely it seems a good thing all around? A healthy diet for you heart reduces risk of heart disease, and it can keep you looking fit and healthy too! All you have to do it make the right food choices. Processed and instant microwave meals might be convenient for your lifestyle, but they're not so great for your heart, or your waistline!

Processed food often have 'Trans Fats' added. An artificial fat, added to preserve the foods and enhance their flavour. Loopholes in the labelling laws mean some companies can advertise their products as 'zero trans fats'. Despite the fact they can still contain small amounts. It's all down to percentages! So check the ingredients regardless. Just a little every day can mean a lot every month. You could be consuming these artery clogging bad boys, without even knowing it! Your heart needs wholesome fruit and vegetables, grains and fibres. Stock up on cereals, bran and high fibre brands are best. Swap your white loaf for a granary, whole grain kind. Opt for lean cuts of meat, remove the skin, cut down on saturated fats and eat the right kind of oils. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated are essential to maintain health. Removing all fats from your diet will not be of benefit to maintaining a healthy heart. Monounsaturated fats can be easily found, good sources are sunflower, sesame and olive oil. Avocados and nuts are also excellent sources. Fish, like sardines or salmon are rich in omega 3, polyunsaturated fats.

Saturated fats are animal derived, for example cheese, butter, and of course, meat. Research has proven, those who consume low fat dairy products are less likely to suffer from heart disease. You also need to watch your sodium intake, no more than two thousand milligrams a day is recommended. If you love salt in your food, try experimenting with other herbs and seasoning to add taste to your food. Clinical trials have proven, antioxidants do reduce the risks of cancer, and they are also good for your heart. Colour rich foods, tomatoes, peppers, apples etc regular consumption of all these type foods will make sure your heart stays healthy. Most importantly of all, when it comes to following a heart healthy diet, make sure you do your homework. Looking after your heart has never been so easy!


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